Welcome to the West Point School District Maintenance Help Desk

Please follow the steps below when submitting your support ticket:

1.     Sign in the help desk using your West Point School District Email account username and password. Note: You MUST have a WPSD email account to sign into the help desk!

2.     Create a new Help Request by clicking in the "Request Type" section and select the type of service you are needing.

3.     In the "Subject" section, please state a of the issue(s) that you are experiencing.

4.  In the “Request Detail” section, please state a detailed description of the issue(s) you are experiencing.

5.     In the “Location” section, please select the building where the issue(s) is occurring.

6.     In the “Room” section, please select the room number which you are experiencing the issue(s).

7.     Click the “Save” to submit your ticket to the WPSD Maintenance Department.

8.   Sign out by clicking the Logout link at the top of this page.
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